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Helping property planners find planning schemes, overlays and permits.

Landchecker is a map based web app that allows anyone to easily view planning property information in Victoria. Users can search for a property and access planning schemes, overlays and permits, as well as measure the size of a block of land using vector drawing tools.




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An arduous task for property owners and developers

Property developers are often frustrated by how difficult it is to obtain planning information from the government, and the web platforms currently available are unreliable and ancient. A part of their job is to ensure that a piece of land or property is within the correct zone, or has a planning overlay that doesn’t affect what they can do with it.

I was tasked with designing the new easy-to-use interface that would aggregate a range of property data from government sources. Taking inspiration from Google Maps and Foursquare’s web app, I designed an interface that was map based and easy to navigate for users searching for an address and finding relevant information about that property.

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