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Making it easier to book a courier whilst giving control back to couriers.

GoFetch is an iPhone app that connects couriers (Fetchers) with people that need things delivered quickly. The closest Fetcher to a job is notified and can accept the delivery and are guided from pickup location to delivery point, while the customer can watch their progress on a map.




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Two sides to every story

With some sketch wireframes and user flows in hand, I organised groups of personal assistants, receptionists and other kinds of potential users to come in and discuss their experiences with courier services in Melbourne. After walking them through the concept, one feature stood out to them - tracking the courier on the map. They loved the transparency, and being able to prepare for the courier, which in turn meant the courier wouldn’t be waiting around for them. They also had a perception of couriers being rude, quick to anger, and impatient.

Changing perceptions of a profession

I then spoke to different types of couriers and was shocked by what they said. Couriers are paid $2 for a single CBD delivery. In order to make a minimum wage they need to accept multiple jobs and deliver as many as possible. They’re stressed out as they try to do as many jobs as they can to make ends meet. This then trickles down to the way they treat the customer and recipient.

Our pricing model needed to be fairer on couriers than regular courier services. In discussions with the client, we decided that the business strategy would make sure that 80% of the fare goes to the Fetcher, and the minimum fare starts at $5. In the app, I designed it in a way that was easy for Fetchers to accept multiple deliveries at a time, and be able to rearrange them in order to efficiently plan their route. This meant that Fetchers were happier with their job and in turn they were eager to help customers however they could.

“This experience was fun! Requesting a fetch and tracking the entire process. The fetcher was so polite. Can’t wait to use it again!!”

5 star review - App Store

Gf customer design
A bright, fresh design

We created a distinct and bright colour palette that set ourselves apart from the competition. Our main competitor, Sherpa, used dark, blue tones, and we were also keeping an eye on what Uber was doing, as they had a pilot app for booking courier services in NYC. The GoFetch app then had a modern, quick and fun feel to it, using pink and blue as our primary and secondary colours respectively, and keeping the rest of the app clean, using white backgrounds and playful icons. The design has withstood the test of time, and 2 years later, still looks fresh.

Functional animation

I worked closely with the iOS developer to create micro-interactions that felt intuitive and guided the user through the flow of booking a courier.

One of the main screens was the map view, and we wanted it to feel that the user was progressing through the flow quickly. We established a connection between the two views by pushing the map up when reviewing the details. The customer then has context and clarity over what they are booking. This creates a better recall of where the user was, and how to get back.

Gf microinteraction
Gf fetcher mockups

Two years on and the app is still going strong. On both sides of this two sided marketplace, the app is a hit. With multiple reviews on the App Store that describe the app as easy to use and convenient.

With this project, I learnt that it is best to talk to your users at the beginning of the design process. Whilst we were able to act quickly to shift the experience after talking to people, I had already mocked up a lot of app before we even knew their needs and pain points. Now, it’s an integral part of my design process, and I always pursue to include users throughout the design process.

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